Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Artist Of The Month- Kate Osborne

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Its a new month and time to look at a new artist. Browsing the internet for our next illustration fix we came across the fabulous Kate Osborne . Some of our favourite pieces of art are the delicate illustrations of bees which really capture their buzzing beauty !

Kate is based in the Brighton area and also runs art classes so we felt we needed to have a chat with her. She has been truly lovely and agreed to answer some questions for us:

 We have fallen in love with your beautiful work. What made you fall in love with art and want to pursue it as a career?

My original ambition was to be an actress, but got diverted when doing O level art which I loved. It wasn’t an enlightened school and I ended up being the first student to take art A level in possibly decades! Got a lousy pass, but my drawing was good enough to get me into art college where I discovered a love of textiles and pattern

It’s great that you run classes for other budding artists. What do you find most challenging about teaching and what is the most rewarding for you?

The most challenging thing is a students frustration with themselves, disappointed expectations of how fast you can get from a to b is hard for all of us, so I try and encourage them to have patience, and remind themselves of their discoveries and progress. The most rewarding is of course seeing their enthusiasm and commitment and the fun they are having as well as the progress they make.

 You have illustrated for magazines and adverts. What has been your favourite job to work on and why?

Well my favourite recent job for Ivy Press was doing the illustrations for a chicken and egg book; right up my street and got me acquainted with some of the many breeds!

You have been lucky to travel and work around the world. If you could go anywhere to work where would you go and what would be your reasons for this?

I would go to Uganda, its where I was born and spent the first 5 years of my life, I have some rather disjointed memories so I would love to see it again and soak up and paint all that light and colour.

Do you have any tips to someone starting their career as an illustrator?

I think its the same as any other creative field, apart from loving what you do you need to be confident about what you have to offer, stick to your guns, and persevere. Thats the magic word, persevere!

You can read more about Kate and see her work by clicking here


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