Monday, 1 June 2015

Artist Of The Month- Helen Hiett

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Its June which means summer is finally on its way so to celebrate a new month its time to look at a new artist. We were lucky enough to have the talented Helen Hiett answer some questions for us. Helen is based in the Brighton area so we had to have a chat about her work!.

How long have you been illustrating for and what originally inspired you to pick up the pencil and start drawing?

I have always had an affinity for escapism, I think drawing and creating visual narratives is a great way to play at any age!

Your work is beautifully detailed. What is your favourite media to work with and why?

I love pen and ink. You can create very tiny drawings to great expansive splats! I like it because it allows me to use technique and try to create emotive imagery at the same time 

There is quite a dark undertone to your work and you say you’re interested in all thing beastly, wanting to create a world for your viewers to play with. Do you have a particular audience in mind when drawing?

I actually don't, I started out wanting to illustrate children's books, however I am fascinated with beauty and the grotesque, which is hard to make cute and fluffy. I suppose my audience is anyone interested in narrative; telling a story without words.

What has been your favourite project to work on and do you have a dream job you would like to illustrate?

I'm currently working with a writer to create a book of short stories titled 'spaces between towns'  it's really exciting. I sit down with the writer, drink a little rum, smoke a few cigarettes and flesh out the characters, and the inter textually of each story. The book itself is deeply sinister and each character beautiful and terrifying. 

I would really like to produce some album artwork for a band called the tiger lilies-they tell tales of humanity in all of its twisted glory, alongside a jolly accordion. Which is always great

We always love to ask if you could give any tips to any aspiring artists what would they be.

Good question-it depends on what you want- try forming a collective with other artists, sharing ideas/techniques is a great way to progress. Join in on exhibition/shows/make your own. Try to produce new things all the time, if you are drawing for four hours a day every day you will have a bountiful booty of work and improve quickly.

Here is a little more on Helen ! 

You can follow Helen on Instagram just search @helensink

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