Saturday, 13 June 2015

Street Style #1

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There is no denying that Brighton hosts some fashionistas. Every time we are out and about we spot someone rocking something stylish.

We decided it was time to celebrate the fashion savvy people of this planet and would like to welcome you to our new style posts.

Going round with our camera we spotted some gorgeous girls, snapped them and then sketched them

Olivia/26/Works for Bat Conservation Trust

Olivia’s play on old school cartoons and a beautiful long checkered skirt was the perfect outfit for a summers day at the Pavilion in Brighton.
Maddy/20/Jewellery Designer

We think she is one stylish jewellery designer. She loves Stevie Nicks style and shopping and Bluebella Lingerie.


A true beach babe, originally from Cornwall Etta rocked her beachy playsuit to a T whilst enjoying some me time at The Small Batch Coffee Shop in town.

Looking awesome in her trousers from ASOS Marketplace. Her Style icon is Vivienne Westwood and we love her coat!

Don't you agree that these are some stylish ladies? Hopefully we will catch you around town !

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