Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Snail Mail Art

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Social media is such a great tool to connect with other artists and like minded people. One day on a standard Instagram scroll we noticed a comment from Snail Mail Art. They asked us if we would like to be part of their project- Bringing artists together one envelope at a time.

You probably remember the drawing game of drawing a head, folding the paper over and passing it to the next person to continue the drawing. Well Snail Mail Art is a little like that game. The lovely people over at Snail Mail HQ send over a piece of paper and you begin the drawing game. You can draw whatever you like on the paper but keep in mind another artist will be sent it after you so its best to leave space or even an incomplete picture. Once you have finished your artwork you send it back over to the team for them to send to another artist.

This is such a fun project to be part of and we cant wait to receive our next envelope. This time we should be adding to another artists work which is so exciting. The team are based in New York and have been sending envelopes all over the world! We will keep you updated with each envelope but in the mean time we sit in anticipation for the next one!

You can find more information on Snail Mail art by visiting their website. Don't you think this is such a fabulous idea?

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