Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Instagram Art

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If you’re anything like us you love a scroll through Instagram for some InstaInspiration! Social media has seen a huge boom in the past few years and it is rare to meet someone who doesn’t have a profile on the web. We enjoy all forms of social media and are regularly tweeting, updating our status and uploading pictures. However it’s Instagram that is our favourite. This is because you have instant satisfaction of looking at an image. To be able to see people’s artwork, photography and style journeys just by scrolling your thumb. Maybe this is because we are artists, we want to see a picture and have instant joy to the eyes rather than clicking onto a tweet or status to be taken to another page. Instagram also gives us a rare view into people’s lives that Facebook is just unable to achieve. Long live the need for filters!

 During one of our typical Instagram scrolls we came across something really quite special. The American rapper A$AP Rocky has turned his Instagram into a piece of art. It’s pretty incredible whether you like his music or not.

The musician has turned his Instagram feed into his own virtual art gallery to promote his new album. At first it seemed as though he was just uploading blank images. However as time went by and more images were uploaded the social media profile transformed.

A$AP Rocky worked with artist to put together this online art installation and we think it’s a pretty clever idea. As social media is such a big part of people’s lives it’s a great way to interact and try out new ideas. A number of different images, paintings and collage make up the art piece and when you go to have a look later its best to look on your phone as the images will join to create one flowing piece. You can find A$AP Rocky’s Instagram under: @ASVPXROCKY 

Happy scrolling!

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