Monday, 25 May 2015

Happy Travels

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Sending your bestie, brother, sister, or other half off on their travels? What a beautiful time, just think of all the wonderful spirits they will meet on their way!

When your somebody close sets off on their travels it raises the questions

Can We ? Could We? What If?

Whether the answer to those gets you booking your flights to South America or planning out your next big project - we make an important decision. A choice to pursue our dreams, grabbing life and making it fabulous! So whether you are an artist, musician, writer, fashion designer, mathematician or more you should be extremely proud of yourself for delving into your next adventure. Whatever path you choose for your chosen subject we assure you, you will find the most precious inspiration along the way!

So lets wave goodbye to our loved ones. For only a short, short while.
And lets say hello to our new adventures and to our brave new smile.

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