Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A day for your dad!

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We are inspired by so many wonderful people but one of our biggest influences is our dad. He has always believed in everything we do and is our number one fan. Without his constant support and love we wouldn’t have created Ellen May Illustration in the first place.

With father’s day soon approaching we thought it fitting to dedicate an illustration to our amazing dad! Like quite a few dads out there ours enjoys a relaxing afternoon on the sofa, football on and some peace and quiet…if the mad house allows him!

Our father’s day card is based around one of his favourite afternoons, a little lazy one! Now he isn’t always found on the sofa but on father’s day we want to take him to the pub and let him end his day being lazy. Because he deserves it!

This card is for all the dads and inspiring male figures we have in our lives. May they have the perfect Father’s day and be spoilt to all their favourite things and most of all may they have the perfect lazy day!

The card was designed in watercolour paints and fine liner and can be purchased over at our Etsy store. Or you can find us at the Kemptown craft fair on the 13th of June, just in time for father’s day!


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