Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Artist Of The Month - Yellena James

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You only have to look at one of Yellena's pieces to become fixated on her use of shape and colour.

Yellena has had a huge influence on our work during our wind down time and 'flow practice.' Flow practice is something we try to do at least once a week to help practice our techniques. For example smooth edges, symmetry and dot work can be quite frustrating especially if you haven't been practicing.

We know that each drawing is practice, however it's nice to work on some pieces that aren't for anyone but yourself - a personal sketchbook for you to understand and learn about your style and how to adapt it best.

Yellena James has a very consistent style of which you can clearly see she studies her techniques a great deal. You can see that Yellena understands the colour wheel, shapes and texture. Yellena works on a variety of different sizes, from large canvas' or iPhone cases.

We would highly recommend having a look on Yellena's website for inspiration, we promise you wont be let down by her dreamy, bouncy, beautiful work.


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