Thursday, 9 April 2015

Brighton Craft Fair!

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After weeks of designing and packing cards it was time for our first craft fair! We have been so excited about this because it is our first time setting up a table and really putting our art out there. Although we have our stock on our Etsy shop somehow it felt different when people were able to chat to us and pick up a physical card!

It wasn’t just about putting our cards down on the table we also wanted to make sure that our table at the craft fair looked good an represented everything that is Ellen May. We bought cute wicker baskets from a local charity shop to display our cards in and even made some pom pom chicks! They sat in a glass nest and guarded some mini eggs! – It was Easter weekend so not including any chocolate would have seemed wrong! Making the table look special was all part of the fun and after we had set up it was time to wait for our first sale.

The fair was held at Friend's Meeting House in the laines and Easter weekend was a great day to be selling! Town was busy and it kept a nice flow of people coming in to check out the fair.

It is quite scary putting yourself out there but it’s worth the nerves because at the end of the day we were so happy! It was such a fun day and there were some other really great crafty people there. We got to do a bit of shopping which was an added bonus!

We have another craft fair in June. This time in our part of town – Kemptown! We will be back at The Brighton Craft Fair soon though and look forward to seeing you all!

You can check other dates for Brighton Craft Fair here.

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