Monday, 27 April 2015

Ellen May's Toolbox

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So for this weeks special appearance, we have our trusty Pentel P205 Automatic Pencil 0.5mm

 If you are looking for precision, comfort and beautiful results we would definitely recommend this pencil. If you tend to work on a smaller scale like us, this pencil really broadens the area for you - there is nothing worse than feeling like your working space is closing in on you!

The Pentel comes with refillable led. You may feel like you have a lot in your container, however do remember that if you're drawing everyday they can go down quite quickly - we always buy an extra container and therefore will always have 2 packets of led.

Just like the Derwent fine liners, you really want your pencil to be apart of your body. Art is all about the flow. You wouldn't want to be in your art zone and then realise you're unable to produce the work you want because you've got the wrong, or no equipment. Understandably everyone will connect with certain tools differently, and this pencil may not be the one for you, however at £3.49 from amazon it really is worth the risk.

Remember not to put too much pressure on your creative thinking if your work isn't coming out how you want it to - sit back and take a closer look at what tools are in your toolbox! Your art toolbox isn't like the toolbox under your stairs, they need constant TLC to help you progress with your work!

We would love to hear your tips and tools that you love using in the comment box below - we will pick one at a time and test them out..they may end up as new family additions to Ellen May' Toolbox!




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