Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pop-Up Brighton


Summer in Brighton is fantastic. When the sun is out you can find so much going on. Whether its the big screen on the beach or a food festival near Pavilion Gardens, the city comes alive with summer love.

We were lucky enough to discover Pop-Up Brighton in a park called The Level. The non profit organisation creates pop up shows, events and exhibitions for creatives, plus its all free. They give artists the chance to showcase their work and help the creative community of Brighton flourish.

When we arrived at The Level we walked up to a stunning chrome caravan that was displaying an array of painted skateboards. They were designed by local and international artists who are part of The Grip Thumb exhibition. All the artists use the grip-tape on the skateboards as their canvas.

Its great to see non traditional surfaces being used by artists. Art doesn't need to be presented on paper or canvas and that was the beauty of the grip-tape pieces. The artists clearly love skateboarding and to put their passion for art onto their passion for the sport was really unique.

The concept of creating art on grip-tape isn't a new trend but it seems to have blown up in the past couple of years. Some artists have such an individual style you can find it on their friends skateboards too. 

We really enjoyed looking at the collection of boards. Its always so interesting to check out other artists and see how they express themselves. It will be our mission to keep our eye out for more from Pop-Up Brighton. 

If your interested in the Pop-Up Brighton movement and want to find the next exhibition you should get yourself over to their website.



  1. I love what Pop-Up Brighton do, I've seen some amazing things by them, as I get email updates :)
    It's such a shame I couldn't make it over this weekend, they always have such beautiful pieces.

    Erin | comadiary

    1. It was our first time at one of their amazing pop ups and we are seriously impressed! Hopefully you will make it to the next. Happy Monday Erin - enjoy the sunshine! :)

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