Friday, 9 January 2015

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

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As we were sipping on our very homemade coffee’s it came to us. CHRISTMAS CARDS! Yes – what a perfectly wonderful starting point for our business, people love Christmas! People love Christmas Cards! People love Art!

Now that we had the idea, the hard work was to follow – we decided on 5 designs each, a nice number to play with and a lovely selection for you lot! I can’t say it was hard finding a great company to print with, because, well, it wasn’t.  welcomed us with wide arms, and we fell into them like there was no tomorrow. I would definitely recommend sending off for a sample pack, as it’s so important to get a real feel for your work.

It was like Christmas morning, although it was October and people weren’t thinking about Christmas at all – you can tell because the office talk topic was ‘I can’t believe they are already showing Christmas adverts? It’s not even Halloween yet!’ nevertheless, we opened our box of goodies with all the excitement you could squeeze into two people – OUR CARDS WERE HERE! This was truly such an inspiring and proud moment in our lives, because the product means it’s real.

We packed our matching Mini weekend bags and hopped on a train to our homeland, by 1am that evening we had laid out 100 of our cards, like a mini production line and we glittered as if we were decorating Barbie’s birthday party. There was glitter everywhere, it was fantastic! I really do love that each card is different, each card has it’s own glitter, and it’s own minute of glitter madness – our true passion is poured into our work, and it really is the most exciting feeling in the world.

After the glitter came the stamping and the packing, by 3am our eyes were sleepy, but our job was complete – there they were stacked up in front of us, ready to be re homed to the most beautiful people in the world.

The most exciting thing about us, Ellen May, is that we are only dipping our toes into the water. We have so much more to give to you, so many ideas, and so many plans for you. We welcome you with love, passion and creativity, come on in and follow our journey!

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