Saturday, 10 January 2015

The All American Road Trip

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On the 12th of December 2014 the Drinkwater’s set off from London Heathrow Airport on the biggest adventure you could squeeze into 9 days! AMERICA! Our favourite destination – the architecture, the variety of cultures, the variety in landscapes and obviously the variety of food! 

Our first stop was San Francisco, WOW, what a totally inspiring and cool place to be – the streets were alive with art, music, food and passion. Surrounded by the most beautiful landscape and dramatic architecture we had so much to explore! We only spent one day here. We can reassure you this is definitely not enough time to adventure.

Our second stop was the redwoods in Humboldt Country. We took a drive through the Avenue Of The Giants, another humongous WOW – breathtaking trees that tell a thousand stories to each other. They intertwine with one another, beautifully still, calm and collected. Even when the worst weather hits it with all of mother natures force, they still stand strong. We look up to these trees in more than one way, they inspire us massively, they’re so wise and respectful of the earth and they are a true natural beauty. Wonderfully inspiring.

Our third stop was Yosemite National Park. Seriously Breathtaking. Mountains to the left and to the right, hidden waterfalls, woodland and lakes. Yosemite is the full adventure package. The air was so fresh and the water was so pristine, We have never felt so grounded, even if we were thousands of feet up. A gentleman named John Muir who was a Scottish-American naturalist, helped preserve the Yosemite Valley by his activism. His outlook on life through Yosemite is so beautifully encouraging; “The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.”


Our fourth stop was the mighty Grand Canyon and grand it was . If there’s any place in this world to make you feel small then here it is. We stayed in the El Tovar Hotel  right on the edge of the Canyon. So close to the edge that whilst you eat your gingerbread waffles in the morning your view is the Canyon. Bursting with reds, oranges and browns, a fantastic colour palette to compliment your breakfast. We were also lucky enough to witness snow !

Our fifth ‘pit stop’ was the oh’ so famous Route 66. What can I say? It’s phenomenal, almost like a ghost town! You could almost hear the laughter of family and friends, blues singers, rock stars and iconic movie beauties. The café’s and cars were so old yet beaming with colour, joy, fun and passion. You could also sense some heartbreak here too, heartbreak of people who’s road was going to nowhere. Fascinating, historic, classical, and emotional. Route 66.

Our sixth and final stop was our very mini, mad afternoon in Vegas…Airport! Now although we only drove through and flew out of Vegas, you could definitely get a feel of what its all about – bright lights, money, cigars and stiff drinks! We visited Vegas a fair few years ago, however we were too young to gamble, too young to drink, and too young to wonder the streets by ourselves. Within the Airport walls we still had a clear vision of what was happening in the heart of it all! Vegas’ colours and energy inspire us tremendously. The contrast of the desert landscape that hugs the casinos in the center of the dessert. 

As we waved goodbye to Vegas, we reminisced over the memories that we had just created as a family, as a unit, as a business. Our minds filled with ideas and projects ready to flow from our brains, through our fingers and onto our paper!   

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