Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Road Ahead

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 While on our road trip in America we were lucky to have a little drive along Route 66. The famous road that goes from Chicago to Santa Monica.

There isn’t too much left on the road now but in the past it was buzzing with characters from all over the country. Some of the route is still in tact and does still host some cute diners and old fashioned motels. 

The décor of the gift shops and the old fashioned signs along the route were a reminder of the past. We have taken inspiration from some of these and chosen to create a pack of cards based on the famous road.

We know we have a exciting journey ahead of us with everything that is and will be Ellen May. Route 66 reminds us of the road that we are taking together and the fun we will have along the way.

Taking our photos from the trip and combing them with our own illustrations we want to create cards that can be used for any occasion. They will represent the journeys we take in life and the excitement that comes with them. Not knowing where we will end up but knowing its going to be a trip to remember.

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