Friday, 27 February 2015


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We had the pleasure of visiting the magical Budapest recently. The sun was out, the drinks were poured and the beauty was taken in.

Some of the buildings in Budapest are truly breath taking. The parliament building at night is extraordinary.  Lucky for us we were able to view it while enjoying a four course dinner on a boat along the Dunbae River.

It’s easy to look at Budapest with admiring eyes when the bright sun shines down and lights the city in the most magical way. However there is a lot of sadness laced into the streets. A trip to the holocaust memorial museum really put this into perspective. So many innocent people suffered at the hands of evil and the museum remembered this in a very touching way.

Young people who never got to chase their dreams, become who they wanted to be or inspire their families. This made us think about how grateful we are to live the life we do.

After visiting the memorial museum we went to look at some of the traditional Hungarian dress and weaves in a nearby museum. The intricate work is incredible and we would love to base some of our work on the traditional clothing and fabrics.

Budapest is full of history but after a day of taking it all in it was time to hit a ruin bars. These quirky bars are so much fun! Random furniture hanging from the ceilings and different rooms to enjoy your drinks in! We sat in an old car drinking vodkas and getting excited for all of the upcoming things we have planned for Ellen May.

It was so sad to have to leave so we took the Metro system for one last time to the airport. Luckily the transportation in Budapest is really easy to navigate. We looked like pros the whole trip ! It would be great to be able to jump on a plane and go back soon as we still had so much to discover. We have got lots of pictures of our trip though so take a stroll and wander at the beauty that is Budapest.

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