Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mother Dearest

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When we think of our best friend, our rock, our inspiration, our true love, our laughter joy and safety. One person will always jump to the top of the list. Our mother. Although we should thank our mum’s everyday for the wonderful job they do raising their children, keeping the family together, picking up the pieces, being your shoulder to cry on when you’re happy, sad and angry – it seems such a beautiful idea to dedicate an entire day to these extremely hard working creatures of ours.

We are not mothers yet, however we would be more than grateful if we could be half the mother ours is!

We couldn’t resist getting our heads stuck into creating 2 beautifully colourful and meaningful mothers day cards – so go on, let’s say thank you, cheers, ta, merci to all the mothers out there!

You can buy our mothers day cards here.

Thank you mum. We love you oh so much !

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