Friday, 6 March 2015

How To Keep Productive

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As we are getting ready to put together our stock for our first craft fair we have been staying really productive. Because this is our first craft fair we have so much to consider. From the stock to the table cloth it all needs to be planned out.

Both working full time it can be hard to get everything in order. As this is both of our business we need to make sure we are staying productive together and getting the right things done at the right time.

We have put together a top tips list for staying productive and want to share it with you. These work wonders for us and keep us sane! We hope they do the same for you if you’re struggling with your productivity.

 Map it out

With so much to do all the time it can be hard to remember which cards still need designing and what order we need to place. So that we don’t end up ordering 1000 stickers and only printing half of our designs we form a list of what needs to be done. This isn’t just your ordinary tick list we map it out so it’s organised to the very smallest detail. We find it helps to have a list of what needs to be accomplished in a month and then breaking that down to each week of the month. How many cards need to be designed by the end of the week for example? Once we have planned out the month we can go into further details by looking at each day and what we what to have done. This way the work load seems a little less and a lot more manageable.

Don’t do it all at once.

There is no need to try and do everything at once. If we are drawing a card and trying to write a blog post at the same time it is all going to get very confusing. Do one job at a time to make sure you get the best possible result. It’s also a great feeling to tick off one job so that your mind is fresh and ready to start the next one.

 Don’t push yourself too hard.

To make sure we are drawing our best designs we go as far as our creativity will let us for the day. If we have been drawing cards all Saturday we like to switch it up for the Sunday and pack cards. If we are pushing out design after design they can become rushed and not done to our best.

 Take a break.

As important as it is to get all your jobs done, taking a break is just as important. If you’re not taking regular breaks your work feels like a chore and you stop enjoying what you’re doing. So put the kettle on and go and make some grub! You will come back to your work feeling refreshed.

Make a playlist.

When we work we turn off the TV and put on the music. This stops us from stopping every two seconds to discuss what is on the screen. It’s a great idea to make a playlist of your favourite songs to keep you going for the day. Why not try making a playlist that will run for as long as you’re planning to work. Then when the music stops you know you’ve worked for as long as you wanted to !

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