Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Artist Of The Month- Beatrix Potter

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It is so important to chase your dreams and turn them into your achievements. We believe that we are truly chasing our dreams and each little accomplishment we have brings us one step close to those dreams.

On International Woman’s Day a cup of tea was brewed and the TV screen was switched on to the film Miss Potter. Not sure what to expect we sat back and let her story captivate us. It was such a fitting film for International Woman’s Day as Miss Potter was one inspiring lady!

Not only did Potter chase her dreams, she had to fight against the struggles of being an unmarried woman in Victorian England. Pushing the boundaries of the time and going out for herself.

She was fascinated by the animals and beautiful English countryside. She put her fascination onto paper and created gorgeous illustrations. The passion for her subject really shines through in her work. Each paint mark put down with care.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a children’s classic and her first published short story. After its publication in 1902 Potter’s success took her on to publish many more classics such as Jemima the Puddle Duck and Benjamin Bunny to name a few.

Her Successful career enabled her to buy her own land and give back to working farmers. By buying land she was able to preserve the spectacular English countryside that continued to influence her work.

Through her hard work and determination Miss Beatrix Potter not only brightened the imagination of children she gave back to her community. She pushed for her dreams and she was a hard working woman who accomplished so much. Miss Potter we salute you!

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